Welcome to Lima Pub and Hostel!

CHANGE!!! What does closure mean at Lime during the emergency?

Due to the edict, we are open as a BOTTLE SHOPwhich means you can have your drinks in disposable glasses or bottles, for which we can give you a 30% discount!  

You can enter the pub only for order, pick, or using the restrooms.

Our opening times from 11 January 2021.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, from 10am till 9pm

You can reach us on Wolt or Netpincért until 9pm! 


Lima staff goes to your place!!!!

We give you a 30% discount on our webshop and we will deliver your order to you!! 

⏰In Győr an in neighbourhood 4 times a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Delivery area:
É - Vámosszabadi
D - Pannonhalma
K - Bőny, Gönyű, Nagyszentjános, Pér
NY - Mecsér, Lébény, Enese

If you have any further questions, you can reach us via email (pub@limapubandhostel.hu) or phone (+36708505710).

Lima accommodation during the pandemic:

Lima Hostel and Borbarátok Háza have been closed due to the pandemic, but regarding to Hungarian Bulletin, guests traveling due to economical, business or educational purpose can stay at our accommodation.

They can also visit the Pub from 10am-9pm and receive a 5% discount. 

Due to the pandemic, we have taken and now perform the necessary hygienic measures! Please do use the hand sanitizers, which can be found in the public area!